About «TEXACO»

The whole process of lubricant manufacturing from oil extraction to the final product bottling is carried out under the control of one corporation which provides top quality of Texaco products.That’s what makes Texaco unique and different from other lubricant manufacturers nowadays.

For passenger motor cars

Texaco Havoline oils with Deposit Shield technology Havoline lubricants with patented additives with Deposit Shield technology have been proved to be absolutely effective regarding maintaining initial viscosity even in severe service conditions, providing high car performance characteristics, maximizing engine life and significantly reducing fuel consumption.

Havoline® Motor Oils with Deposit Shield™

  • provide a clean engine and its effective cooling
  • provide antiwear protection at cold start-up temperatures
  • protect engine details against glaze, sludge and deposit formation
  • provide excellent engine performance and reduce fuel consumption
  • protect against wear and corrosion even in sustained high temperature operation
  • Eco friendly; reduce harmful substances content in exhaust gases

For commercial motor vehicles

Texaco Ursa oils are designed for imported trucks working in Russia’s severe operating environments.

What are the advantages of URSA® motor oils?

Premium series highly purified base oils

Premium series highly purified base oils with superior oxidation control. Chevron’s advanced Isoderwaxing and Isodecracking technology provides a higher level of purity.

Conventional Group 1 base oils

Conventional Group 1 base oils, manufactured using standard solvent dewaxing technology.

Excellent soot dispersancy and sludge protection

Excellent soot dispersancy and sludge protection. Unique high performance additive formulation provides excellent soot dispersancy and efficiently protects against sludge and other deposits.

Economical heavy-duty engine oil

Economical heavy-duty engine oil additive formulation provides poor soot dipersancy which increases sludge formulation and causes excessive engine wear.

Ursa with ISOSYN technology

Critical engine parts protection. Ursa with ISOSYN technology efficiently protects critical engine parts to help maximize engine life.

Economical low quality engine oils

Economical low quality engine oils sacrifice protection for cost and limit critical engine life.